The Norton Dual Action Sander Pneumatic (DASP) is a professional machine offering a lightweight, comfortable sanding solution for bodyshops

Norton launches a new Norton Dual Action Sander

The Norton Dual Action Sander Pneumatic (DASP) is a professional machine offering a lightweight, comfortable sanding solution. Sanding bodywork requires a super smooth surface, a crucial factor when deciding which sander to purchase.

A compact, air-powered sander, the Norton DASP has an RPM of 12,000 and 0.25hp, suitable for all sanding jobs. The machine is activated by pressure on the trigger and has a speed regulating switch which can only be adjusted manually to prevent accidental speed increases.

Flexibility and comfort in use is key and the pneumatic sander provides this.  The soft rubber grip absorbs vibration and provides control while sanding and reducing fatigue. The durable composite housing is thermal insulated to prevent cold air transmission to the operator and the adjustable 360 degree muffler cap reduces noise.

Available in 150mm diameter, the Norton DASP comes in two orbits; 5mm and 2.5mm for finer sanding jobs. The different orbits are reflected by different coloured triggers on top of the machine.  

The dust suction system clears heavy dust and can be used on bodies, metal and composites in all sanding applications. The dust exhaust rotates 360 degrees, useful in preventing twisting of the air hose.  The Norton pneumatic sander can be used with the Norton Multi-Air back-up pad and any Norton abrasive disc. If you haven’t already tried it, the Norton Cyclonic range is perfect for any application used with the DA sander, from removing paint and lacquer from metal to finishing and smoothing before painting.

The machine comes with a two year warranty and full aftersales service for peace of mind.

The new Norton pneumatic sander has been designed with the operator in mind” explains Christèle Auroux, Product Manager, Saint-Gobain Abrasives, EMEA. “It’s lightweight, comfortable and safe to use and really maximises efficiency of sanding applications, particularly when used in conjunction with Norton abrasive discs, avoiding the need for costly rework.”

For further information about the Norton Dual Action Pneumatic Sander, contact your local Norton representative.