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Norton launches new range of non-woven abrasives in DIY

Global abrasives manufacturer Norton has launched a concise new range of non-woven products for stripping and finishing metal and wood. The range includes discs for use on right angle grinders and drills as well as hand pads for manual use. The nature of a non-woven disc when used with a power tool is one of speed and aggression, enabling users to work on large areas quickly and efficiently, ideal for renovation and upcycling projects. When used on a drill, they can access corners and creases with ease.

The range is complemented by easy-to-understand packaging, featuring clear images and usage advice enabling even novice users to quickly choose the most suitable product for their project. The drill products feature a 6mm hexagonal shaft which provides optimal safety for users while working.
“This range provides a great alternative to traditional sandpaper when used for large scale projects, thanks to its hard wearing properties. The benefits to users are clear, metal and wood can be stripped of rust and coatings fast, without compromising the surface finish. Depending on their grade, non-woven products can also be used for buffing-up, cleaning, finishing, reducing the roughness of a surface or to create a key prior to painting. They’re ideal for any DIY project, as they continue to last without shedding, even after many uses. They also conform to irregular surfaces, can be used wet or dry and are generally easier and quicker to use than standard abrasives.” Explains Kevin Lecat, Product Manager, DIY at Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA.
The range consists of four discs for use on right angle grinders and two drill accessories for wood and metal. In addition, three hand pads are also available for cleaning, stripping and finishing a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, glass, plastic and many more.
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