Norton Makes Waves in the Marine Market

Press release from Norton Abrasives



To better cater for their maritime customers, Norton Abrasives are set to release their Marine Solutions 2020 Catalogue; a comprehensive overview of products for the production, maintenance, repair and restoration of boats of all types. Whether it be made from fibreglass, wood or metal, manpowered, motorboat or yacht - this catalogue has you covered.

The newly imagined brochure features a diverse range of products for cutting and grinding metal, fiberglass and GRP, for stripping paint, rust and gelcoat and antifouling, as well as a comprehensive polishing range of compounds and accessories.

Norton have also included process guides for the most common applications, so that customers can easily find the best Norton solution for their application.

“Our new catalogue reaffirms Norton’s commitment to this exciting, growing market in 2020” said Céline Gorrée, Key Account manager for Composites, EMEA at Saint-Gobain Abrasives.

“We understand that customers in the Marine industry experience a variety of different needs and challenges where boat manufacture and maintenance is concerned. Whether they are undertaking major hull damage repair or looking for the perfect product to give them that showroom shine, this brochure will guide our customers at every stage.”

“This market is an area where we see a great deal of potential and as abrasives experts, we feel it presents a real opportunity to add genuine value for our customers” she added.

The 2020 Norton Marine Catalogue will be available across Europe from January 2020.

For more information, please contact your Norton representative.