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Norton Omega Ultra Thin Wheels - Press Release

Upgraded Norton Omega ultra-thin 1mm cutting wheel


In 2014 Norton Abrasives launched Norton Omega for cutting and grinding in all industrial applications. Omega is characterized by its robust and tough behaviour, long product life and high metal material removal.
From May 2015 the upgraded ultra-thin 1.0mm cutting wheels are available in 115mm and 125mm. Norton have enhanced wheel performance by up to 30%, with aggressive, yet clean cut through steel and stainless steel, reduced vibration levels and further extended product life.
New quality standard with new wheel label
In cutting tests, the new abrasive/bond recipe demonstrated improved comfort and life. Derk Vruwink, Product Manager at Norton Abrasives claims “we have constructed these ultra-thin wheels in a way that makes straight and precise cutting easy. If you weren’t previously convinced by 1mm wheels, then this new and upgraded quality wheel will definitely convince you otherwise”. The new wheels also feature a small blotter facilitating a free, cool cut during the application.