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Norton Plastifilm - Press Release

Norton Plastifilm - New masking product for car body protection


Norton Plastifilm provides the optimum solution for protection of car bodywork when spraying primer and paint during the repair process.
Available in standard 9 micron and Premium 11 micron thickness, and 4m x150m and 4m x 120m sizes, there is also an extra-long 4 x 300m film available. Plastifilm is easy to position and with static treatment is has excellent adhesion to the surface of the car. It is resistant to infra-red and temperatures up to 110°C for faster cycle time. The corona treatment reduces the risk of imprinting on damp vehicles and a closed surface structure prevents paint leaking through, avoiding rework.
Plastifilms high density polyethylene means it is resistant to both water-based and solvent based paint. It is breathable and so avoids humidity problems during the paint process. The transparent polyethylene gives excellent visibility and makes it easy to trim to size.
Dario Marzorati, Norton’s European Product Manager for the Automotive Aftermarket said “Properly masking a car is one way to ensure a quality job is delivered to a satisfied customer, and protecting the vehicles exterior is essential prior to spraying and coating. Plastifilm provides the perfect solution for excellent protection of car bodywork.