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Norton Pro Film - Press Release

A range of abrasive film discs from Norton


Norton Abrasives offers a range of abrasive sanding discs, the abrasive disc range has a specially engineered film backing for an excellent finish in all sanding applications.
Norton Pro Film has been specially designed in line with the latest demand from body shops for a high spec finish with faster process time. With a No-Fil® stearate treatment on top of high performance aluminium oxide abrasive, the film-backed discs are not only hard wearing, but also reduce clogging and dust build-up during the application. The super smooth film backing provides a consistent scratch pattern, providing the perfect solution for a faster flawless finish.
Dario Marzorati, Norton’s European Product Manager for the Automotive Refinish market says “Adding Norton Pro Film to our existing product offering provides a complete solution for body shops. It’s a priority for us to meet all end-user demands by proposing an excellence choice of sanding and finishing discs which offer long life and time saving benefits as well as a high quality finish, maximising efficiency in all applications.”