Norton Q175 Film Discs - Press Release | Norton Abrasives

Norton Q175 Film Discs - Press Release

Strong, tear resistant abrasive film discs from Norton


Norton Abrasives has launched a new range of abrasive sanding discs, under its leading brand, Norton. The new colour coded Pure Ice range, has been specially engineered to be flexible enough to work contoured surfaces with confidence and provide an incredibly fast, smooth and flawless finish.
Norton Pure Ice has a unique thin film backing with premium aluminum oxide abrasive and a patented resin technology, making the discs strong and tear resistant whist providing a longer product life and a consistent finish. The No-Fil® stearate treatment reduces clogging and dust build-up during application which helps to eliminate pigtails.
The films discs are available in 4 colour coded grits, 800, 1000, 1200 and 1500, making the product selection process easier for the bodyshop.
Dario Marzorati, Norton’s European Product and Market Manager for the Automotive Refinish Market says “we continue to improve our products to provide the best performance. One of our top priorities is to ensure that the bodyshop can carry out their work quickly and easily, achieving the best results. The new Q175 discs do just that.”