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Norton Quantum X - Press Release

Norton Quantum X - The revolutionary grinding wheel


Norton Abrasives provides the latest innovation in grinding wheel technology: Norton Quantum X. For use in the gear, aerospace, tool, bearing and general engineering markets, Norton Quantum X wheels combine a number of proven Norton technologies. Ceramic grain found in Norton Quantum products, engineered 3D spacing found in Norton Vortex2 and the revolutionary Norton Vitrium3 bond. The blend of grain, bond and porosity combine to create a strong, highly porous wheel, resulting in higher levels of material removal, exceptionally cool grinding, reduction in cycle times and ultimately reduced cost per part.
According to Jérôme Legrand, European Product Manager for gear and aerospace markets: ”Thanks to the combination of these technologies, Norton Quantum X offers three major advantages over other wheels: fast grinding thanks to the open porosity which allows high metal removal whether at high table speed or deep cutting (creepfeed mode). Reduced burning and deformation of the workpiece due to the 100% permeable construction which reduces the grinding forces required and finally Norton Quantum X has a very competitive price level, offering the opportunity to reduce abrasive cost as well as considerably lower overall production costs.”