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Norton R946 - Press Release

Norton super flexible belts


Norton provides a super flexible ceramic belt for the metal industry. The belts, R946, feature an optimised layer of ceramic grains, on a super flexible poly-cotton backing. The combination of grains and poly-cotton backing provides the perfect balance for stock removal and an excellent surface finish as well as reducing process time during the application.
Norton R946 incorporates an additional super-size layer for reduced heat generation on metal which reduces the work-piece burn. The new belts are the perfect solution for grinding hard parts with it conforming to complex shapes and contours.
Julien Le Neindre, Product Manager, Norton Abrasives states; ‘A Norton customer who manufactures automotive parts benefited from using R946 in combination with Norton U243. The flexibility of the backing combined with the belt strength provided excellent performance over the entire belt life. Another customer working on unleaded brass parts found R946 to have extremely low heat generation when grinding hard material, thanks to the supersize layer applied to the grain.’