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Norton Rapid Prep Belts - Press Release

Norton Rapid Prep belts range


Norton Abrasives has expanded its range of non-woven Norton Bear-Tex® products by adding Norton Rapid Prep™ abrasive belts.
Innovatively designed to combine aluminium oxide (AO) abrasive grains, and a nylon non-woven web bonded to polyester and nylon backings, the Norton Rapid Prep portfolio comprises three product lines: RFAO-RF (regular flex), RPAO-LF (low flex) and RPAO-XF (extra flex). These abrasive belts are used for blending, finishing and deburring in industries ranging from aerospace to metal fabrication, and MRO operations. They also include proprietary Clean Bond™ resin technology, resulting in a smear-free finish that improves productivity by eliminating rework.
“Norton Abrasives has custom designed these three non-woven Norton Rapid Prep lines for a wide range of demanding applications which require a unique mix of performance properties that only the Bear-Tex portfolio can bring to market,” says Robin Cook, Product Manager Europe, Non wovens, and continues: “This new product does what conventional SCM products cannot by combining our Clean Bond resin technology with a longer-lasting material. Norton Rapid Prep provides improved performance in applications in which increased heat is generated during the blending and de-burring process.”
These Rapid Prep products are seen at the end of the finishing range where the need to refine and blend quickly has become increasingly important. Results versus competition show the Norton line lasts up to 3X longer, finishes 50% faster and leaves no surface residue (smear) for improved process times with less rework.
The Regular Flex and Extra Flex lines of Norton (AO) Rapid Prep is available in Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Very Fine grit sizes and in popular back stand, bench stand, and portable belts sizes, including special wide sizes up to 1320mm (52 inches) wide. These new lines complement the existing Low Flex (scrim backed) range of Vortex and Rapid Prep AO belts for pump sleeves (the same product which is used for Discs and SpeedLok today).