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Norton Silencio - Press Release

Silent diamond blade gives better working environment


Diamond blades, when used on construction equipment like angle-grinders, petrol handheld saws, floor and masonry saws, may generate noise up to 115 dB. Norton’s diamond blade Silencio features a noise-dampening effect reaching reductions up to 15 dB according to the manufacturer.
Pedestrian and residential areas, city centres, schools and hospitals are especially sensitive to noise with more and more local and working regulations preventing excessive noise levels. The use of silent diamond blades has become ever more relevant since they can reduce the sound generated directly at the job site. Norton’s diamond blade Silencio features a new technology of the steel centre which has a sandwich construction with three layers: steel/noise dampening material/steel. This design reduces the noise level by 15 dB according to the manufacturer.
When in use, a diamond blade also generates a high pitch whistle noise because of the air flowing through the gullets. Additionally, the new patent-pending shape of the steel centre prevents any air flow inside the gullets, thus completely cancelling out the whistling effect.
The Silencio diamond blades are available in diameters 230 to 500 mm for use on angle grinders, petrol handheld saws, floor saws and masonry saws. The up to 17 mm high laser welded segments are giving a long product life and bring a very high cutting speed to increase the productivity. The Silencio blades can be used for dry or wet cutting of concrete, reinforced concrete and other building materials.