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Norton Vulcan Cutting - Off & Grinding Wheels - Press Release

Upgraded Norton Vulcan cutting – off & grinding wheels from Norton


In 2006 Norton launched the original Norton Vulcan cutting-off and grinding wheels for all industrial applications, setting an industrial performance standard amongst conventional aluminum oxide, zirconium and silicon carbide grain technologies, providing optimum performance to price ratio.
From April 2016, Norton will offer an upgraded version of Vulcan cutting-off and grinding wheels, with the new enhanced wheels offering up to a 30% performance upgrade with wheels lasting longer and working faster.
Tomasz Dus, Product Manager at Norton Abrasives claims ‘During cutting tests, the new abrasive/bond recipe demonstrated very positive results with the wheels displaying improved lifetime and a higher cut rate. The new wheels also feature a 30% performance upgrade sticker on the blotter and box making the upgraded wheels easy to identify.’