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Norton Winter unveils diamond wear parts

Norton Winter diamond centres for cylindrical machining

Norton Winter is launching a new range of diamond wear parts, of which the first product is the new Diamond Centre for machining cylindrical workpieces in a number of mass producing industries, including automotive production.

Dead (i.e. not rotating) centres are commonly used in many cylindrical grinding operations as a dead centre delivers higher quality results over live (rotating) centres because of the dynamics and bearings involved in live centres. Norton Winter Diamond Centres further enhance the benefits of traditional dead centres thanks to solid veins of PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond) embedded into solid tungsten carbide to increase performance and improve quality.

PCD offers the physical properties of diamond, including superior wear resistance, low friction and good heat conductivity, while tungsten carbide delivers toughness and robustness. Conventional tungsten carbide centres are limited because they wear rapidly when high speeds and pressure are applied to the workpiece. However, Norton Winter Diamond Centres can withstand these higher speeds and clamping forces, increasing productivity with higher throughput and reduced downtime while achieving optimal roundness of the workpiece and better quality results thanks to process stability.

Output is increased as the centres can operate for longer without the risk of overheating. Thanks to the superior wear resistance, the centres suffer from almost no wear, which leads to fewer corrections over time, leading to higher quality results. The low friction offered by the PCD also delivers several EHS benefits. There is low risk of vibration, which eliminates chatter marks, noise is reduced and the workpiece rotates around the Diamond Centre more smoothly so there is no need for grease or oil, which can contaminate the grinding emulsion.

Lutz Gaida, Director Product Management Superabrasives, Europe, comments, “We’re delighted to be launching this new range to further enhance our Superabrasive product portfolio. Norton Winter Diamond Centres offer a real alternative to many manufacturers who struggle with the limitations of traditional carbide centres. By using PCD with tungsten carbide, we can deliver quality and productivity improvements, saving manufacturers both time and money.”

The standard Norton Winter Diamond Centres, which conform to DIN norms, are already available in three types with five sizes and a coolant inlet option. Fully customised diamond centres are also available. 



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