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Reduce waste, save time & lower costs with Norton EasyTrim

Press release from Norton Abrasives
September 2019



The premium zirconia grain, the convenient colour coding and the extra-long product life are set to make Norton’s new trimmable flap discs a real hit with customers.

Leading abrasives manufacturer Norton have unveiled their latest flap disc offering in the form of EasyTrim; a solution that grants extra-long product life by allowing users to trim away the ineffective outer flaps when they become used up.

When performance levels drop, the operator simply cuts the flap disc backing plate down to the marked red line, leaving the often underutilised middle section of the disc ready to continue grinding.

Alternatively, it is possible to create flaps that overhang when trimming the pad, this creates a flexible edge that enables the user grind in difficult to reach areas such as T-joints, contours and corners.

The net effect, is that much more can be achieved with the same disc and by extension, the number of flap discs required to complete any given project is reduced. Ultimately, the customer sees a reduction in their overall project costs.

To help reduce human error and further speed up process times, EasyTrim flap discs have a convenient colour coded backup pad that indicates grit coarseness. This at-a-glance system mirrors the established Norton non-woven disc range and means that the user does not need to read the label to immediately identify which grit they need.

“It's a problem I see a lot in the industry, operators' disc labels are either missing or unreadable, which can ultimately lead to mistakes." Says Paul Gray, Application Engineer for Saint-Gobain Abrasives.

"The colour coding with EasyTrim helps the user identify what grit the disc is regardless of whether the label is there or not.”

Of the new trimmable flap disc range, Camille Enee, Coated Abrasives Product Manager for Saint-Gobain Abrasives said:

"We’re excited to introduce EasyTrim to the market and we think our customers are going to really appreciate the potential cost saving and flexibility that this range can provide.”

“With the colour coded backing plates and a high performance grain, we’re offering convenience and performance. Plus, the trimmable aspect ensures that Norton customers are getting the most from each and every flap disc.”

For more information about EasyTrim flap discs, please contact your Norton Abrasives representative.