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Norton Quantum 3 – The Grinding Solution Disc

The newest innovation in grinding wheel technology, Norton Quantum 3 is made of proprietary ceramic grain and a tougher bond making it the fastest grinder around.


Features & Benefits of using Norton Quantum 3:
  • Reduced Grinding Time  - There is significant reduced grinding time with the Norton Quantum 3 grinding disc. This is due to the increased throughput using a sharper wheel which will provide the highest metal removal and also reduced pressure from faster cutting action.

  • Improved User Comfort Levels - Norton Quantum 3 ceramic grinding disc provides improved comfort levels. There is a reduction of hand fatigue due to less cutting vibration thanks to optimised positioning of ceramic grain for 3D grinding and to the unique mix of abrasive and bond. The low grinding pressure allows for an increased operator comfort from lower vibration.  The operator won’t have to apply excess pressure so will be able to finish the job quicker compared to using other standard / lower performing products.  

  • Fewer Wheel Changes - Using Norton Quantum 3 produces less downtime and waste! As the disc is made from proprietary ceramic grain, it delivers consistent cuts with a better finish due to the continuous sharp edges the ceramic provides as the grains break down. Your process cost is improved with fewer wheel changes as the wheel life is much longer compared to other standard grinding wheels on the market. Throughout the wheel life a more uniformed cutting action is produced and therefore a better overall grinding experience.

  • Smoother Grind at a Faster Rate - There is also a better control with the Norton Quantum 3. The wheels do not generate a ‘grabbing’ or ‘digging’ on the work piece when used in any direction. The wheels freely glide on the work piece whilst removing metal, thus produces a very smooth grind at a faster rate. 


Enhanced Grinding Wheel Technology

At Norton Abrasives we listen to our customers and act on the feedback provided. Quantum 3 is the newest innovation in grinding wheel technology specifically engineered by our highly specialised R&D teams. The operator highlights for this include better comfort due to the reduced vibration levels, significantly increases production as The Norton Quantum 3 grinds faster and uses fewer wheels.

Improved Operational Performance

The high performance of the Norton Quantum 3 abrasive disc maximises total operational performance. It notably reduces the total cost of grinding and finishing, as less grinding time is required with this disc and it provides a longer wheel life reducing operator costs.



Versatile Applications

Norton Quantum 3 is used in industrial markets across the world. It is ideal for maintenance and repair operations as well as applications in the welding, metal fabrication, oil and gas, steel construction and engineering industries shipyard and more. It is designed for high pressure cutting, rough and heavy duty grinding.


Using the Norton Quantum 3 ceramic grinding disc will have a greater impact on your projects! The design of this grinding disc allows for an easier, smoother feel during grinding, promotes faster cutting action at reduced pressure, and a longer lasting wheel life, saving costs for your business and time on your tasks. 

Available in sizes:

115 4.2 x 22 6625337 1356
125 4.2 x 22 6625337 1357
180 4.2 x 22 6625337 1359
230 4.2 x 22 6625337 1360
115 7 x 22 6625337 1361
125 7 x 22 6625337 1362
180 7 x 22 6625337 1364
230 7 x 22 6625337 1365


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