Polishing and chemical products

Norton offers a range of foam and lambs wool polishing heads for use with compounds to provide the ultimate finishing and polishing solution on car bodywork. Different foam densities are available for each application in the polishing process to achieve a high gloss finish. The open cell structure of the foam heads allows the compound to flow in and is held during use with little or no splattering.

  • liquid_ice_xtra_cut_img_01
    Liquid Ice polishing compounds

    When only the perfect finish is acceptable, Liquid Ice Xtra Cut, Quick Cut & OEM compounds reduce polishing time and improve final surface quality

  • microfibre_cloths_detailer_spray_img_01
    Liquid Ice detailer spray

    For easy cleaning of excess buffing residue and excellent paint protection.

  • textured_paint_for_plastic_img_01
    Primer & textured paint

    Ideal for fast repairs after sanding, spot, panel or bumper sanding.

  • kit_starter_v2
    Norton Ice starter kit

    A full selection of finishing & polishing abrasives, compounds and accessories to achieve the perfect finish.

  • headlighth_repair_kit_v1
    Headlight repair kit

    Contains all the finishing and polishing products required to remove scratches and renew a clear service on warn headlights.

  • white_flat_sponge_red_top_img_01
    Foam polishing heads

    The unique combination of density, softness and open cell structure is ideal for polishing and improving shine. Different densities available for use with polishing compounds.

  • lambswool_polishing_head_img_01
    Norwool lambswool polishing heads

    Made with natural fibres for quick polishing at cooler temperatures after sanding for immediate shine.

  • interface_duo_img_01
    Foam interfaces

    Specially designed for contoured surfaces, giving optimum results when using fine grits in finishing applications to reduce the risk of scratching.