Norton Clipper | Pro Universal Diamond Blades Get an Upgrade

Pro Universal

New Design for Pro Universal Diamond Blades

Norton Clipper Pro Universal Laser diamond blades have been upgraded, to help speed up cutting time and reduce overall costs for contractors on site.

The improved design helps to achieve precise, quick and sharp cuts and is available in a complete range of sizes, from 115mm to 350mm.  Contractors who are used to the Pro Universal Laser diamond blades, will notice an improvement in cutting speed and precision, which helps you to get the job done quickly and easily.


What are the benefits?

What materials can the Pro Universal Laser, cut?

What machines are the Pro Universal Laser compatible with?

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New Design Of Diamond Blades

The new blade has an increased segment height from 10mm to 12mm and has been upgraded to i-HD denser segments.

  • Ensures a longer product life with fewer blade changeovers
  • Denser segments improve safety against segment loss
  • The concise grooves on the blade work to reduce surface contact, which provides an easier and more precise cutting process, even after multiple uses
  • Better evacuation of dust, increasing visibility and safety for the operator
  • Suitable for wet and dry cutting

Old Vs New


Cut It In The Colour Blue

To help contractors quickly and easily choose the correct tool for their projects, the Pro Universal Laser Diamond Blade have been colour coded in blue and includes images of the correct applications and machinery. 

Pro Universal diamond blades are colour coded in blue, to indicate that they are suitable for cutting the following materials:

  • Bricks
  • Blocks
  • Pavers
  • Roof tiles
  • General building materials, such as light concrete

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Find out more about our blue colour coded blades for use on general building materials.


Pro Tier

Pro Universal Laser diamond blades are part of our Pro tier products - look for the four diamonds on the product packaging and diamond blade.  These products offer professional quality and performance for the trade, to help improve productivity and reduce the overall cost spent on abrasives.  Thanks to their performance and longevity, Pro tier products are a go-to range for most contractors.  Find out more about the Norton Clipper product tiers.

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This new range of diamond blades can be used on angle grinders, chop saw, masonry saws and wall chasers.  Check the specifications of your machine to find out the correct diameter and bore for your machine.  For further information on diamond blades, check out our guide on segmented versus continuous diamond blades.