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PRO - Standard Sheets

Norton offers a comprehensive range of paper, cloth & waterproof sheets for manual applications, used in all commonly encountered industrial applications.
  • Backing material : Light Paper B/C
  • PRO - Standard Sheets Sanding
  • Premium aluminium oxide grain
  • Fibre-reinforced latex, B-weight paper
  • No-Fil layer
  • Long lasting, fast cut rate
  • Tear resistant
  • Resists loading & extends life
Products uses
  • Markets
    • Building & Construction
    • Industry
    • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Materials
    • Wood
  • Machines
    • Manual application
    • Orbital Sander
  • Applications
    • Sanding
230 WIDTH (mm)
DIMENSIONS (MM)Length (mm)SubshapeGritColourPack quantity (pc)Masterbox (pc)Art. No.
230.00x280280Standard sheets80Brown505063642558015
280Standard sheets100Brown505063642585256
280Standard sheets120Brown10010063642558016
280Standard sheets150Brown10010063642586145
280Standard sheets180Brown10010063642558017
280Standard sheets220Brown10010063642586139
280Standard sheets240Brown10010063642558018
280Standard sheets280Brown10010063642585742
280Standard sheets320Brown10010063642586132
280Standard sheets360Brown10010063642586133
280Standard sheets400Brown10010063642586134
280Standard sheets500Brown10010063642586136
280Standard sheets600Brown10010063642586137
280Standard sheets800Brown10010063642586138
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