Chipboard and Panel Production

A continually increasing amount of “engineered” chipboard panel products are being utilized throughout the woodworking industry.


From banded core stock utilizing particleboard to cabinet doors utilizing medium density fiberboard with an overlay, these materials are used in the production of furniture, cabinets and architectural doors, as well as RTA (ready-to-assemble) furnishings.

Norton abrasive products are used extensively in the manufacture of these board products.


The sanding applications include a variety of abrasive belt and grit sizes that are dependent on the size and the required surface finish of the item being sanded.
For instance, coarse grits are used to dimension and to impart a scratch pattern that allows for proper bonding of high-pressure laminates and heavy veneers.
Medium and fine grits are used to upgrade the finish and to allow for bonding of paper laminates, thin veneers or paint.