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Cutting concrete and asphalt with Norton Clipper

In this video, Kevin Bisson, Technical Account Manager, Saint-Gobain Abrasives, uses the Norton Clipper CS451 floor saw with the Norton Clipper Pro Beton and Extreme Asphalt diamond blades to cut concrete and asphalt respectively. 


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Low vibration floor saw

The Norton Clipper CS451 is a low vibration floor saw, which has been designed to reduce the Hand and Arm Vibrations (HAV) that can lead to White Finger disease, offering you a more comfortable cut and meeting EHS needs within the industry.

By including shock absorbers in the handlebars, Norton Clipper has achieved a reduction of up to 40% vibration, offering you a robust cutting action without the aggression of other floor saws.

Tested according to the latest European Standard EN12096/EN13862, this floor saw has one of the lowest levels of vibration on the market and enables you to use the machine all day and still remain within the daily recommended HAV exposure level.

The machine also benefits from an ergonomic design, which allows you to adjust the height so you can work more comfortably.

Easy to use and reliable

The machine is extremely reliable and can be used wet or dry.

The position of the water tank and the engine, a Honda GX390, optimises the weight distribution and takes some of the strain from you.

Our clear indicator allows you to easily choose your depth of cut once the machine has been started up, while the continuous depth control with hand wheel and gauge enables quick, easy and accurate setting.

Once you’re finished, it’s vital that you ensure the blade has been raised before switching off the machine to avoid any damage.

In this video, Kevin uses 450mm diamond blades for 170mm cut depth for both materials.

Diamond Blades for cutting concrete and asphalt

The Norton Clipper Pro Beton diamond blade is ideal for cutting reinforced concrete – as you can see in the video, the blade glides through the concrete. The wide gullet allows the blade to cut faster and can be used wet or dry.

Norton Clipper Extreme Asphalt diamond blade has been manufactured using Norton’s i-HD technology, making it much stronger than other diamond blades.

Drop-shaped segments reduce undercutting and offer exceptionally long life. There is a wide gullet slot, the direction of rotation is permanently marked and depth indicators show whether you’re cutting to five or 10cm for added ease.

Our Extreme Asphalt diamond blade achieves excellent cutting speed with low vibration offering high comfort and fast removal of cutting debris.

It pays to choose the right blade for the material you’re cutting to get the best performance. Contact us now or speak to your local sales representatives to find out more.

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