lady-sanding-chairDIY jobs have never been easier! With Norton non-woven flexible hand-pads, you can give your home surfaces a fresh new look in minutes. These handy pads are super flexible, versatile, and durable so whatever job you must do around the house or garden, you will be sure to find just what you need. 

Whether you're stripping rust or removing corrosion from garden tools, patio furniture, ornaments, or your garden gate, or creating a surface key finish on wooden furniture or skirting boards prior to painting, or even cleaning your bathroom or kitchen tiles and appliances, Norton hand-pads strip, clean and finish – fast! What’s more, take on messier projects without sacrificing your hands to get the job done Norton hand-pads won't irritate your skin or leave behind any residue, just a perfectly finished surface. 


What is a non-woven hand-pad?

Non-wovens are made up of nylon fibres infused with abrasive grain. They’re a great alternative to sandpaper or steel wool as they're durable, don't shed and can be used with water and can even be washed and re-used time after time, extending their life beyond that of sandpaper. They also won’t tear, splint or shed, clog or load thanks to the open structure. 

One of their standout benefits is the great flexibility they offer, meaning they conform to any surface contour better than sandpaper. They can be folded to reach even the smallest of spaces and grooves as well as be used with a sanding block on flatter surfaces. 


What is a non-woven hand-pad?

app-image-chimney✔ The flexible STRIPPING pad for scuffing and cleaning rough surfaces (rust, old flaking paint). app-image-chair✔ Use the flexible FINISHING hand-pad for smoothing bare wood, blending out scratches on plastic surfaces and scuffing acrylics.  app-image-no_plate✔ The flexible CLEANING pad does not contain abrasive so is multi-purpose, cleaning glass, ceramic, chrome, plastic and wood without leaving any scratches behind. They can even be used for removing bugs from your car windscreen, headlights and car number plate! For tough grease and grime, use a liquid detergent help make cleaning even easier and faster.


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You'll be able to finish your home project in no time!

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