CP500 Petrol Saws | Norton Abrasives

Fast enough to get you on and off the job. Tough enough to last

Norton Clipper hand held cut-off saws provide raw power for smooth, fast cuts with features that prolong saw life, prevent engine damage and guarantee everyday reliability.
Easy start without the hassle of a choke. A five point vibration reduction system, v-belts transferring power to the blade and a semi-automatic belt tensioning system for enhanced user experience.


The six key elements which make the difference: 

  • Easy starting

  • Durability

  • Performance

  • Ease of use and maintenance

  • Better ergonomics

  • Low vibrations, dust, emissions and noise

3-Step Easy Start – Hot or Cold

The electronic carburettor’s electro-magnetic valve eliminates the standard choke and half throttle start. Simply turn the saw on, and:

  1. Push the primer x 3
  2. Push decompression button
  3. Pull the recoil

Multi- Stage Air Filtration

Patented twin-pipe interceptors create airstream pulsations which reduce debris being trapped in the filter. The external rocker wheel shakes the filter to further help release debris. This system extends filter life for less cleaning & replacement


Four different models of Norton Clipper CP500 series 

  • With Max. blade diameter of 300 or 350mm;
  • With standard petrol+2% oil mix or iLube® automatic mixing technology
  • The magnesium blade guard improves safety and reduces weight, while the ergonomic back-end handle and enhanced weight balance prevent fatigue


iLube® - No More Pre-Mixing Oil & Fuel

  • Save costs through buying fuel and oil separately
  • Fill in the 2 distinct tanks and the patented iLube® system will automatically mix oil and fuel
  • for maximum efficiency and prevent damage
  • No more overheating from forgetting oil, or piston clogging through too rich mixes