Furniture Manufacture and Restoration

Whether mass production of furniture, small custom wood shops or bespoke restoration projects, Norton can supply abrasives for all applications from start to finish, from heavy stripping of paint, varnish or lacquer, to the finest sanding and finishing on bare and hard wood.


Our abrasive belts, discs, sheets, sponges and rolls conform easily to the curves and contours of even the most intricate pieces of furniture, provide uniform sanding results and our cloth backed abrasives are provide the strongest resistance against tearing.  We know that selecting the right abrasive is essential and we can offer a number of abrasive types, shapes and grits to suit detailed  applications making sanding faster, easier and giving you an even smoother finish.


Product quality is one of our top priorities to enable you to produce pieces to a high standard. Thanks to continuous innovation in grain, backing and bond technologies and rigerous quality control procedures, we pride ourselves on ensuring you get quality, consistency and reliability from us, everytime.   Whether your're looking for a premium abrasive product or a more cost effective solution for machine or hand sanding we have the answer, you can count on Norton to help you maximise quality and speed of your outputs and reduce your overall cost.