Plastifilm Ultra | Norton Abrasives

Have it covered with high performance masking film

Norton Plastifilm Ultra


Norton has extended its range of masking films with an 'Ultra' protective film. Plastifilm Ultra leaves no marks when used on damp cars, provides extra width and has a thicker film for better wear resistance and no tearing.


Ultra resistance, absorption and protection

Plastifilm Ultra provides:

  • A thicker film (the thickest in the Norton Plastifilm range) – for better wear resistance and no tearing. 
  • An anti-moisture property which guarantees no marks if used on damp cars. (Plastifilm Ultra is specifically for use on cars which may still be humid, without the risk of marks).
  • Extra width – 6m wide to protect larger vehicles, can be applied width or length ways to the car for optimized and efficient use.



A complete Masking Films Range 

In addition to the new Plastifilm Ultra, Norton also provides Plastifilm Premium for higher resistance to resistance to wear & tear and Plastifilm Standard for good performance in all applications. See Norton Plastifilm and other Masking Products from Norton in action on Norton's Masking Preparation Video.