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Living Coral is Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019


As the world’s foremost authority on all aspects of colour, Pantone’s colour of the year nomination is always an eagerly anticipated announcement amongst interior designers and lifestyle orientated professionals. Historically influencing graphics of all types, fashion, product design and the DIY market, Pantone’s selections have frequently been far reaching, influential and pan-industrial. 

“Sociable and Spirited”

So say Pantone about their selection. A colour that has been chosen through “socio-economic conditions” and “influences may also stem from new technologies”, this year Living Coral PANTONE 16-1546 is representative of liveliness, playfulness derived from social media interspersed with natural world connotations. 

If you are considering a fresh new look to your home décor, coral colours are a definite way to make a change from the mundane. Vibrant but not overbearing, coral works well with neutral shades and is readily dressed with complementary accent colours such as duck egg blue. A statement wall of coral would also really lift a monochromatic room. 

Creating your Canvas

Sanding plasterBefore you get your paintbrush out though, you’ll have to prepare your wall first and that’s where we come in! Putting paint directly onto a plastered wall is a bad a plan; it will only highlight existing imperfections and areas where the plaster is uneven. It’s a good idea to prepare your surface by sanding down plaster walls; evening out rough areas, indentations or holes to give you a smooth, continuous surface on which to work. 

Luckily we have the perfect product for drywall and plaster sanding: the Norton Expert Dust-Free Sanding Kit which has been specially designed for sanding all types of plaster and filler. If you’ve ever undertaken this kind of work before, you’ll know how plaster dust gets absolutely everywhere and takes a good amount of time to clean up afterwards; this kit minimises the dust created. It’s a simple case of attaching the sanding head to your vacuum cleaner and letting the Norton Multi-Air® technology do the rest. Make sure you read our top 7 tips for decoration preparation success.

Touches of coral

Coral does make an excellent accent colour; adding intrigue to the room through splashes of vibrancy. To achieve these finishing touches, why not create your own standalone pieces by upcycling some of your old wooden furniture? Painting wood furniture is a great way to achieve a completely new look in no time at all. If it’s your first time painting furniture, you just need to lightly sand it down all over in the direction of the wood grain; smoothing out any rough areas whilst imparting a tactile surface to receive the furniture primer. Norton Expert has a wide range of suitable sanding sheets and rolls, with self-gripping, dual-purpose foam blocks available to help make this part of the process simple. 

Apply your primer and lightly sand again, ensuring that the surface is smooth and even.  Then, apply your coral paint and leave it to dry. For a vintage, worn, shabby chic look, you can always experiment with further sanding – a coarse grain for a heavily distressed look or a finer grain for a matte, bleached or time worn appearance. Check out our guide to choosing the right sandpaper for the job

Show and tell

If you create any upcycling projects using Norton products, please share an image with us on Facebook and tag @nortonabrasivesuk and tell us all about your creation.

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