Norton abrasive belts perform well in the medical market| Norton Abrasives

Norton abrasive belts are instrumental in the medical market

For high stock removal in the pre-grinding stage of stainless steel, titanium or chromium-cobalt alloys for medical instruments and implants, Norton offers a complete range of high performance ceramic belts.

Coarse Abrasive Belts

In coarse grits, Norton Viking and Norton Red-X asbrasive belts are perfect for deburring and evening out marks left from cutting operations, removing scale or discoloration from heat treatment processes. These products are the ideal choice for grinding and shaping to specified dimensions with stability, speed and product life.  

Medium Abrasive Belts

In intermediate grinding using medium grades, Viking and Red-X belts reduce surface roughnesses and prepare the work piece for its final finish.

Fine Abrasive Belts

In fine grades with Norton ceramic grained belts, you can rest assured this critical final process ends in a homogenous polished visual appearance as well as a functional surface which maintains pre-defined characteristic values such as degree of gloss or roughness - a critical consideration for components in the medical market.

Lower Grinding Temperature

Norton Viking  and Red-X ceramic belts finish more parts per belt and can reduce grinding temperature by 20% for better work piece quality first time. This is especially important to ensure no structural damage is caused by heat generated on the work piece from the grinding process.
A third layer applied to the belts offers the most advanced cooling system, reducing friction, burn and protecting work piece integrity. In addition, strong polyester backing supports grain performance, avoiding slipping and enabling a consistent aggressive cutting action.
The patented ceramic grain found in these belts provides high stock removal and longevity, even at high pressure. The friable nature of the grain which breaks down to constantly reveal new sharp cutting edges, means the initial sharp and fast cutting action is maintained throughout the life of the belts.