Norton Clipper non-woven flexible hand-pads are designed to tackle multiple stripping, finishing and cleaning tasks. They are highly durable and flexible, safe and easy to use. 

Nylon fibre is infused with abrasive grain, offering durability and flexibility like no other abrasive can. They resist loading and clogging thanks to the open structure and can be washed and reused time after time, prolonging product life.  



Who are Norton Clipper Flexible Hand-pads for? 

Whether you’re a builder, tiler, carpenter, plumber, kitchen fitter, or general trades person, you’ll be performing several important tasks every day to make homes and buildings safe, comfortable, and attractive.

If you’re used to using non-wovens, you’ll know they can provide a great alternative to sandpaper and steel or wire wool. Norton Clipper hand-pads are a great way to get more flexibility and versatility from many different sanding jobs. They conform better to surface contours than traditional sandpaper, making them a popular choice for trades people who need to get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality.

man-floor-tilingWhat surfaces can hand-pads be used on? 

Hand-pads are incredibly versatile material, offering an efficient way to rise to all kinds of stripping, finishing, and cleaning challenges. The Cleaning pads don’t contain any abrasive particles, so they can gently remove material and stubborn deposits without damaging the surface underneath.


In this video, we show you how each type of hand-pad can be used to achieve a great finish on several different surfaces. 
A few example include:

  • Removing excess residue or adhesive from surfaces during kitchen or bathroom installation 
  • Cleaning excess grout from floor or wall tiles
  • Smoothing windows, doors, and stair spindles during or after fitting to remove sharp bits of wood and create a smooth surface prior to first coat
  • Removing old paint, gloss, or varnish from wooden furniture during renovation or upcycling wooden pieces of furniture to give them a new lease of life
  • Preparing surfaces or creating a key prior to painting furniture, door frame,  
  • Cleaning PVC gutters and window frames and glass windows during maintenance work
  • Stripping flaked or rusted metal and old painted wood
  • Removing light corrosion from copper pipes, or metal work tools like wood planes. 

Non-woven hand-pads can achieve a long-lasting surface finish in no time, with minimal effort. 


So next time you need a powerful hand-pad solution that won’t let you down, choose Norton Clipper non-woven flexible hand-pads for the best results!

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