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Norton Clipper: Reshaping the face of Construction in 2017

For over 80 years, Clipper has been a world leading brand in the construction industry, providing superior quality reliability, durability, speed and life. Today, Norton Clipper looks to the future, to add value for our customers by understanding the challenges faced in the toughest construction environments to get more done, better and with less effort.




Through significant brand investment we’ve modernised the look of our machines and our blade packaging to strengthen communication and make product recognition and selection quicker and easier. 

The new Clipper orange colour is brighter, bolder and more visible on the job site, and we’ve strengthened the Norton branding for recognisable quality you can trust. 


Norton Clipper diamond blade packaging has also undergone renovation! Colour coded by material and with a clear trade up between good, better and best quality products, you’ll never be stuck for which blade to choose again! Blade quality remains the same and we’re sure that you’ll experience the same excellent performance, life and speed from Norton Clipper as you always have.




The Norton Clipper range is now extended to abrasives for hand, machine & floor sanding as well as cutting-off and grinding wheels for metal and multi-materials, providing a complete abrasive offering for all applications in the construction industry. 




In diamond blades, Norton Clipper offers a clear choice of three product performance levels, for every job requirement: Classic, good quality versus performance ratio for occasional use, Pro, professional quality for frequent use, for high performance and productivity and Extreme, the most innovative Norton Clipper blades with the fastest and smoothest cutting speeds and extremely long life, for the heaviest use.  The packaging now communicates these values using diamonds located underneath the name on the blades and an additional performance indicator on the sleeve, quickly indicating the benefits of Pro and Extreme products. In addition, colour coding has been applied to the packaging to communicate the material to cut. This is supported on the back of pack with further substrate details, to give guidance in selecting the right blade for the job.



“Our brand investment in Norton Clipper aims to modernise and simplify our range whilst granting our customers a wide choice of blades and machines for any job on site. The new range of cutting-off, grinding wheels and coated abrasives for sanding provides an all-round solution for any building and construction professional".

Igor Giglio

Director of Product Management and Strategy,
Construction Products Worldwide, Saint-Gobain Abrasives