Norton Clipper CM42 Saw on ITV’s Love Your Garden | Norton

Norton Clipper’s CM42 Masonry Saw features on ITV’s Love Your Garden


The 8th series of Love Your Garden returns to ITV, this time our Norton Clipper CM42 Masonry Saw can be seen in their episodes. The previous week its shown in action being used to cut tiles. 

cutting with CM42 masonry saw

The CM42 Masonry Saw is robust, compact and provides excellent cutting accuracy. It features a wide conveyor cart, long reinforced frame and ergonomic handles for better comfort during use.

It is easy to transport and store as it contains folding legs with repositionable tightening handle and transport wheels making it suitable for all construction and industrial work sites.

Benefits of the machine include cutting 60 x 60cm slab in two 30cm halves.

This masonry saw has better stability and durability due to the wide conveyor cart with tilted wheels and anti-pivoting and locking system. It contains a high accuracy cutting guide with per-degree angular setting for quick, precise and easy cuts without requiring additional accessories.

masonry saw cm42 norton clipper

The Norton Clipper brand has been a name that masons have trusted for numerous years.

Norton Clipper masonry saws offer machines with blade diameters of 350mm up to 1000mm with electric motors or petrol engines.

We provide customers with the most reliable and efficient models that cover a wide range of applications from the largest to the smallest of jobs. For best results use with Norton Clipper diamond blades.