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Norton NorBevel vs. Conventional Coated Abrasives

The NorBevel Approach

In the metal fabrication market there is an increasing demand to achieve a finish with less operational steps and manpower in order to keep costs as low as possible.
Norton Abrasives have recently launched a revolutionary range that enables you to achieve your desired finish quicker and at a lower cost on stainless steel, black steel and soft metals such as aluminium, brass and copper.
The new NorBevel machine and tools family is more than just a product line in the Norton Specialties range. It is the future of bevelling and rounding large areas and complex work pieces.
All the operators in the metal fabrication industry will have to use a portable angle grinder to prepare a work piece edge before welding, painting or other further steps. Portable angle grinders are used with flap discs and/or fibre discs to remove material, followed by Non-Woven’s to de-burr and finish. To achieve corners or complex shapes the preferred option is to use Tungsten Carbide Burrs with different head geometry. With both of the traditional methods, operators have difficulty taking control of the demanded angle even on radiuses.
How does NorBevel help?
  • Controls labour and raw material costs
  • Creates less wastage and operating time
  • Better working conditions – less dust, sparks and vibration
  • Operator has more control when bevelling/rounding
The NorBevel range
The Norton NorBevel family contains four machines (with a standard or premium adjustable head on) and various router heads for the different applications and raw materials. 
There are two electric and two pneumatic machines available with a wide selection of bevelling and rounding router heads for stainless steel, black steel and for soft metals like aluminium, brass or copper. 
The NorBevel machines and router heads are designed specifically for bevelling and rounding offering high operational comfort and productivity. Thanks to the sharp and form holding routers the 4mm working depth is manageable in one step on carbon steel even when working with harder materials such as stainless steel or duplex. 
If there is a requirement to create deeper angles the operators should complete the application with two or more steps. 12mm is the maximum (3 steps needed to achieve).
It is possible to use the NorBevel machines and dedicated router heads in softer materials as well such as aluminium 6-8mm depth in one step. 
Norton Abrasives are happy to work with you to demonstrate the most economical solution to achieve your desired surface finish. Thanks to the unique NORTON SysDoc approach we are able to present the cost savings related to all kinds of grinding operations. 
Case Study - Conventional coated abrasives vs. NorBevel
We compared the NorBevel solution against traditional Coated Abrasive products to present the differences in productivity and costs. The products used were Norton premium Fibre discs, Flap discs and the NorBevel12 machine equipped with a 45° standard router head. The operation was to achieve a 4mm depth 45° angle to prepare solid carbon steel bars before welding. 
Test Results
The table below demonstrates the test results with the Flap discs being the most expensive solution compared to the fibre discs and NorBevel machine.
The NorBevel Machine cost is not included in the calculation only the router head, but it is easy to see that the machine price is just one investment and the benefit is much more. Thanks to the faster operation and less lost time not having to change the abrasive discs we are able to offer a cost saving.
The NorBevel tools provided presented a good solution for bevelling and rounding metal work pieces, offering improved working conditions and cost savings. 
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