Norton Paint System now even faster, easier and more convenient

Norton has launched a new improved version of its Paint System making assembly faster, easier and more convenient, thanks to the unique membrane development inside the lid of the disposable kit.



The new Norton Membrane System


The new Norton Paint System makes assembly faster, easier and more convenient, thanks to a unique development inside the lid of the disposable kit.  
Through the addition of the new membrane system, the paint cup can be shaken to mix the paint as well as turned upside down and attached to the gun without the risk of paint spilling or leaking, reducing preparation time. 


Norton now offers a new range of adapters to use with its new Paint System. The new adapters have an actuator inside which pierces the membrane, allowing the paint to easily flow through when attached to the spray gun. Providing a faster and cleaner solution, the Norton Paint System saves on preparation and cleaning time, solvent usage, allows paint to be stored and reused and enables the operator to paint in all positions, even upside down – without any risk of the paint leaking. The System ensures a consistent spray pattern, multiple convenient ways to store paint as well as easy and clean disposal of the entire unit. 

A wide range of Paint Accessories


The Norton Paint System range includes a wide range of accessories for a complete painting solution, the accessories range includes:
  • Storage holders
  • Mixing bars
  • Gun & adapter wash attachment
  • Paint strainers
  • Washable paint overalls 
  • Dispensers