Norton Quantum3 Combo – the disc that can grind, cut AND bevel!



Norton Quantum3 Combo, the disc that grinds, cuts AND bevels!

Optimise production processes in the metal fabrication market with exceptionally high material removal rates for fast grinding, longer life to decrease costs and greater operator comfort for reduced fatigue with minimal vibrations.

Find out why only one wheel matters in metal fabrication – Norton Quantum3 Combo 


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You can rough cut, grind and bevel with one wheel with improved control so you can be more precise and achieve greater accuracy when using the wheel. 

Thanks to this evolution in abrasive science, Norton Quantum3 Combo offers operators three major benefits:



Reduced hand fatigue with minimal vibrations thanks to lower grinding pressure levels required when in use 



A sharper wheel delivers the highest metal removal rates and a faster cutting action. Achieve higher throughput and process efficiency thanks to ceramic grains that micro-fracture even under low pressure or low angles.    



Reduce operating costs using fewer wheels thanks to the longer wheel life delivered through a strong bond developed exclusively for Norton Quantum3 and better grain retention than competitor wheels.   



Watch how Norton Quantum3 - Combo grinds away welds and performs a rough cutting operation.


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A race against time and against the competition! See how Norton Quantum3 performs under pressure!



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Contact your local sales representative or use our distributor locator to find out where you can buy Norton Quantum3 Combo wheels.