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Norton’s Step-by-Step Process Posters for the Automotive Aftermarket

Step-by-Step Process Posters for the Automotive Aftermarket

With extensive experience in Body Shop Repair Norton has launched a range of step-by-step process charts to help you achieve perfect results in automotive refinishing applications. The posters developed by our Technicians guide you through the common repair processes using products from the Norton Automotive range:

  • Norton Paint System – provides an easy to follow reference guide on how to correctly and efficiently use Norton Paint System. VIEW HERE
  • Sanding Solutions – through understanding the repair method and working closely with paint companies and our own technicians, the sanding solutions process chart brings the bodyshop an optimum system to deliver the best performance whilst reducing overall sanding time. VIEW HERE
  • Polishing Solutions – Brings together our finer grit abrasives and our premium compound and polishing accessories, for all defect removal and paint rectification work, designed to help you achieve the perfect finish every time. VIEW HERE
  • 360° process – demonstrates the complete repair cycle and a global overview of the Norton Automotive product range. VIEW HERE