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Purple is the colour of 2018

Purple is the colour of 2018
Get ready, the colour purple has become a hot topic as Pantone announced that 2018’s colour of the year is Ultra-Violet. According to these colour experts, this striking purple hue evokes feelings of “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking” and is all about looking ahead to the future or even beyond. 
So do you want to take this colour steeped in the mysteries of the universe and add it to your home? Read on to find out how a little bit of DIY could help keep you in vogue.


Purple rain

If you’re already considering a new look for somewhere in your house, one way to keep on trend could be to choose purple as your new wall colour. Before you get your ladder out, you need to know that any colour you add to your walls will put a spotlight on existing imperfections so it’s a good idea to carry out some prep work. Sanding down any rough areas or holes that have been plastered over is a must to give you a smooth surface to work on. Why not try the Norton Expert Dust-Free Sanding Kit which has been specially designed for sanding all types of plaster and filler. A dust free environment reduces clean-up time and is better for your health. It attaches to most vacuum cleaners and reduces dust, mess and dirt using our Multi-Air® technology to help you get the job done with less mess.

Painting a wall purple

However, there may be more prep you need to do – read our seven tips for decoration preparation success to ensure your walls look as good as any done by a professional when you’re finished!

There are many variations of purple – ultra-violet might not be the look you want for your whole room – so consider lilacs, mauves, plums… all of them can bring a room to life. But once you’ve done all your prep work you’ll need to choose the right tools to apply the colour. We all know that a bad workman blames his tools, so if you’re not sure of the best paintbrush to decorate with, look no further than our handy guide to help you make the right choice. 



Vibrant violet

But if the thought of an entirely purple room makes you feel queasy, fear not – you can still be on trend without jumping in with both feet. Accent colours can liven up any room so why not consider purple?  Any accent you choose should represent a complementary colour to your existing set-up but it works best if it's a bright, vibrant colour – ultra-violet could be ideal. You could consider a cushion, a vase or a throw – or even a whole wall if you’re feeling brave. 

Living room with purple accents



Upcycling a chair

Hints of mauve 

If you’re into your DIY, upcycling some furniture could help you to tap into the ultra-violet trend. You could either find a treasure that someone else has tossed aside or you may want to revamp a piece you already own. Painting furniture is a great way to achieve a new look fast. If your piece has never been painted, then you can just lightly sand it to remove any rough areas and give it a smooth finish to receive the paint. Norton Expert has a wide range of sanding sheets and rolls, or even our Norton Expert self-gripping, dual-purpose foam block, that can help to make this part of the process a breeze!

Once you’ve achieved a smooth surface, apply a primer and lightly sand again to ensure it’s even.  Then choose your shade! Pastel colours are still top of the class so mauve or lilac could be your way in. You may need to apply a couple of coats to get the right colour – just be sure to leave it to dry entirely before applying more to achieve the right finish. And don’t forget, if you’re after that vintage look, you can always sand down areas of your paint job to give it a more worn in feel. 


So whatever you’re planning, embrace this year’s hottest colour and go wild for ultra-violet.