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Rapid Range Help To Create Lifts

Norton Rapid Strip & Norton Vortex Rapid Blend used to Create Lifts

Bonna Fabrications based in Liverpool who are a general steel fabrication company that also specialise in lift manufacturing uses our Norton Rapid range for creating their lifts.

The Norton Blaze Rapid Strip disc was used first to remove the weld and heavy corrosion on the lift before using the Vortex Rapid Blend disc. The Blaze Rapid Strip disc is able to strip and clean almost anything. It can be used on both hard and soft metals. It’s able to aggressively remove corrosion, surface rust, paint, dirt, scale and other surface contaminants quickly. For detailed info on this stripping abrasive view:

The Norton Vortex Rapid Blend disc contains a unique Vortex® grain technology and designed to remove, blend and condition (all at the same). The lifts specialists used this disc to blend and condition the metal surface and to efficiently condition it. Any scratches, surface defects or grinding marks on the metal would have been removed using this disc. As seen in the picture there is a line of bluing that needed to be removed. With this disc they managed to effectively remove and condition the thermal damage. The disc helped to provide a flawless appearance to the lift. Due to the Vortex Technology it significantly reduces smear preventing any rework and therefore saving time. More information on the Norton Vortex Rapid Blend can be found here:

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