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Reshaping the world of precision grinding

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Through Saint-Gobain Abrasive’s extensive research and development program in grinding wheel technology, comes Vitrium³ a new generation, patent-pending bond technology, engineered for maximising performance and delivering cost savings in precision grinding.


Revolutionary Bond

This revolutionary bond platform features an exclusive chemistry that delivers an entirely new grain adhesion science allowing increased porosity, resulting in improved product versatility across a wide range of precision grinding applications.

Performance improvements with Norton Vitrium³ span abrasive grains from proprietary Quantum ceramic alumina to conventional aluminium oxide.


Vitrium³ has three major features and benefits

versus standard vitrified bonds:  


An improved holding power utilising less bond-to-abrasive ratio exposes a larger grain surface area.

This enables the wheel to cut more freely, improving cut rate.

The reduced bond-part interaction also minimises heat build-up, reducing burn, power consumption and grinding forces on the part, improving part quality.

Vitrium³ provides superior grain holding properties than that of any other bond, significantly improving wheel form and corner holding.

This reduces dressing time, dresser wear and dresser replacement requirements.    

Reducing Total Cost Per Part

Vitrium³ provides the ultimate wheel strength.

This allows lighter construction and high speed operation.

Machines can work at higher feed rates, speed and pressure, significantly increasing production with existing equipment.


Whether the goal is to reduce total cost per part, increase throughput, or improve work piece quality, Norton Vitrium³ is “re-shaping the world of precision grinding” to meet these needs.

Watch the Vitrium3 video here:

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