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Sanding Sheets & Sponges

Norton offers a range of sanding sheets cut to different shapes and sizes, alongside sanding sponges of varying densities and angles to cater for a wide variety of sanding applications.

These sanding products are designed to help our customers achieve the intricate finishes required in the wood working industries, the paint and clear coat business, solid surface material sanding, and in many other metallurgical testing and finishing situations.

Browse our wide range of paper, cloth & waterproof sanding sheets for many different uses and for professionals and DIYers.

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    Other sheets

    Cut sheets for light deburring and sanding operations on orbital, eccentric, delta and multi-sanders.

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    Sanding Sponges

    Sanding sponges for sanding and finishing applications in the DIY, industrial and automotive aftermarket. For manual use.

Standard sanding sheets (230X280)

Other sheets

Sanding Sponges