Transforming surfaces ...and beyond | Norton Abrasives


Transforming surfaces ...and beyond

Our vision is to be the global leader of reference in abrasives, at the leading edge of innovation and service. Delivering the most comprehensive abrasive solutions to our customers.

Norton provides powerful, precise and user friendly abrasive solutions for every market (from highly technical precision engineering to DIY home improvement) and every step of the abrasive process.
We will most diligently serve our customer in every channel, thanks to our strong market sales coverage, our application engineers, our efficient supply chain and our strong digital solutions.


From advanced manufacturing systems to hydropower, electronics to construction, and general do-it-yourself projects to renovations, abrasives are an integral part of transforming surfaces on a daily basis. Whether it’s sandpaper for sanding furniture, diamond blades for cutting concrete and stone, grinding wheels for maintaining machinery and high precision grinding equipment, or vacuum discs for restoring car bodywork, Norton helps to improve process productivity and transform abrasive solutions.