Wiping cloths

Wiping the surface at every stage of the sanding and painting process is essential to remove dust particles or residue. Two types of wiping products are available, tack rags; wipes impregnated with resin to eliminate dust, and solvent and polishing cloths; dry cloths to eliminate polish residues to maintain clean tools for painting. Norton Microfibre cloths are also available, the ultimate cleaning cloth for dusting, polishing and waxing. Absorbs eight times its own weight in water, dries faster and better than chamois material and is soft and reusable.

  • blue_microfibre_cloth_img_01
    Microfibre cloths

    Soft and absorbent for lint-free, streak-free cleaning, polishing and detailing.

  • cotton_tack_rags_img_01
    Tack rags

    Collects and eliminates very small dust particles thanks to the adhesive resin impregnated into the cloth.

  • solvent_wipes_img_01
    Solvent wipes

    Tear resistant wipes in a handy dispenser bucket for quickly removing polishing residues and improving surface brightness.

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    Wiping/polishing cloths

    General purpose cloths in a handy dispenser bucket for polishing and buffing surfaces.