Car Spa

Norton has been serving the Aftermarket customers in the collision repair segment through a complete range of high performance abrasives and non-paint consumables. It is a logical step to enter the detailing business to expand the portfolio to serve our customers thru quality products and services.  

Norton Car Spa is a complete car detailing center offering the full range of services from basic cleaning/de-germification of the interiors/exteriors of the car to the high end paint protection systems. The customers, who want to maintain their car by themselves, can also buy  products for home usage from these centers. Norton Car Spa offers a choice of services with high performance ceramic coatings, paint protection films under one roof. The highly trained technicians will take good care of your car.




Get the best of both for your car: Long term value and superior
protection through high end Ceramic Coating.

▪ Protection against Minor scratches& environmental impacts
such as acids, alkalis, road salts & UV rays due to its 9H Pencil
hardness protective coating layer.
▪ Significantly highlights the color of paint and provides it with
greater shine.
▪ Provides surface with very strong hydrophobic properties and
with “easy cleaning effect”.

Cleaning, Disinfection & Protection for Car Interiors

▪ Interior Vacuuming & micro cleaning using cleaners which
effectively removes stains & bugs
▪ Restoration of Plastic, Leather, Fabric & Rubber surfaces
▪ AC disinfection – Cleaning of Car Air Condition restricting
growth of bacteria & fungus in the AC Louvers & ducts. Keeps
the air from the conditioning system remains efficient and germfre e.
▪ Ceramic Leather Coating: Ceramic coating for car leather seats
to protect the surface, refreshes the color, softens the skin and
gives a hydrophobic effect and protects against moisture and dirt. The coating renews the surface and gives a natural shine.


Provides Glossy & Durable long lasting Finish

▪ Restore OEM Paint finish.
▪ Removes Paint oxidation & light scratches
▪ Paint Sealant Coat ensures retention of high level of glossy
finish for longer duration.

▪ Enhance & protects engine bay & all other fittings.
▪ Non Yellowing & heat resistant coating
▪ Keeps the engine compartment neat & clean.


Invisible protection for your paint. Clearshield Pro is a virtually invisible, high-grade polyurethane barrier that deliv ers:

▪ Resistance to impact from gravel, debris, stones, road salt and
▪ Sacrificial technology: easily replace the durable barrier in the
event of substantial damage to the film without any harm to the
paint finish
▪ Easy maintenance: simply clean, wash and wax your vehicle as usual
▪ Color protection: advanced UV technology - think sunscreen for your car
▪ Optically clear, brilliant glossy look to make your paint color shine.


Offers better visibility due to hydrophobic ceramic & Antifog
coating on windshield & other glasses. Restores old & yellowed
headlights to new like finish with protection.

▪ Windshield Glass Ceramic Coating: Glass Coating creates an
invisible, water-repellent and easily cleanable protective layer,
which improves visibility.
▪ Antifog Coa ting: Invisible Coating for car glass &mirrors which
prevents fogging. Effective on internal vehicle window glass &
does not leave any traces on the surface.
▪ Head Light Repair & Restoration: Removes minor scratches &
yellowness from the outer surface of headlight. Restores with new like shine & durable finish.