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    Auto-After Market

    Get your car to brand-new-like condition by using our products and expertise


As a leading abrasives manufacturer for automotive refinishing, Norton provide a wide range of abrasives and non-abrasive products for the Automotive Aftermarket applications like body repair, paint job, body protection, defect removal & polishing and other cosmetic changes

Application Based Solutions for Auto-After Market
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  • Paint Stripping

  • Velcro Disc VM101
    Velcro Discs

  • Speed Lok Disc
    Speed Lok Discs

  • Body Filler & Primer Sanding

  • 420
    No-Fil Velcro Discs

  • Multiair Ceramic A975
    Multi-Air Disc & File Sheets

  • Backup Pad BZ1047

  • Auto After Collage_500X500
    Body Filler & Putty

  • Masking Solutions

  • 8595
    Masking Tapes

  • masking_film_paper_63702_copy
    Masking Film

  • Paint Finishing

  • defectremoval-foamfinishingdiscs-carbomedalist-group
    Foam Discs

  • defectremoval-discs-film-mirrorfinish-group
    Film Discs

  • Norton Lion
    Water Proof Paper Sheets

  • 433
    No-Fil Sheets

  • Auto After Collage_500X500
    Paint & Finishing compunds

  • Wool & Foam pads
    Wool & Foam Pads

What's New?

Quantum X

Norton-exclusive, synergistic engineering of three leading technologies produce the most free-cutting creepfeed wheel


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Automotive Aftermarket

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Auto Refinishing Product Catalog

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Compounding & polishing

Auto-After Catalog

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