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    Building & Construction

    Leaders in the design and manufacturer of a wide range of innovative, high quality diamond tools for the construction and stone industries.

Building & Construction

With Norton we are providing a one-stop shop for all cutting, drilling and grinding jobs for the building and construction markets. From residential and habitat projects to large scale civil engineering ventures and everything in between – we can equip you with the safest and highest performing construction blades, machines and abrasives that not only help to improve your personal comfort but contribute to a greener environment.

It was Norton Clipper that revolutionised the building and construction industry with the invention of the world’s first laser welded diamond blade. And we’ve continued to innovate with our award winning noise-free blades, perfect for noise-sensitive areas like hospitals, schools, offices, residential spaces and city centres; the introduction of infiltrated High Density technology (i-HDTM), the latest revolution in diamond tool manufacturing  is providing unrivalled performance, higher efficiencies and improved safety which is second to none.

Norton also has been the widest range of diamond tools for cutting the most common surfaces including reinforced concrete, marble, granite, tiles, stone and asphalt; in short we can offer you safe, high quality construction blades and abrasives to help you build, renovate and improve our habitat.

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