Electroplated Wheels for Fettling!

Written by Krishnamoorthy MV, Senior Manager, Grindwell Norton Ltd.

Electroplated Wheels for Fettling: New Age Grinding Solutions/Move towards high productivity

Folder NHP resizedCurrent Practices (with Conventional Abrasives Aluminium Oxide/Silicon Carbide wheels:

Each casting undergoes multiple grinding and finishing applications and each application is carried by different machine, abrasive tools and people.

Challenges faced:

  1. Safety: Prevailing practices are exposed to safety concerns. In case of inappropriate usage or handling that can prove hazardous or sometimes fatal.
  2. Health Hazard: Grinding dust from grinding, cutting and finishing application could lead to health concern if appropriate PPEs are not used
  3. Low Productivity: Average cutting efficiency of conventional abrasives with multiple wheel change over impacts the overall output.
  4. Labor: Labor cost goes up with conventional methods of fettling due to non-availability of skilled Labor


Here comes a better solution:

Electroplated Wheels with Diamond: Electroplated bond wheel is a single layered abrasive product.

The grit is bonded to the core by an electroplated Nickel deposition method, because of which the grains protrude more than any other multi-layered wheel, thus making these more effective.

Image 1

A range of advantages accompany these wheels:

  • It is easier to remove the chips while grinding, due to the large spaces between the grits and high protrusion of the grit over the level of the bond. Thus, giving high material removal rate.
  • Another benefit is that it Eliminates the need for dressing because of the single layer.
  • Production of complex profiles possible as these are formed in the core, and then coated with grain.

Electroplated wheels with automated machines are the new age solution for all the fettling needs that are challenged by either one or all the above.

'One wheel does it all'.

Here are the benefits that Electroplated wheels offer:

  • Exponential increase in productivity
  • It is Highly cost efficient
  • Longer wheel life (upto 100x performance based on application and usage conditions)
  • Large reduction in grinding dust
  • Easy and safe to use


Case Study 1

Wheel Details: Dimension: 230-8-25-70

Component Details:

Component: Rear axle housing

Material: SG Iron

Application Details:

Application: Fettling of rear axle housing.

Stock: 2-3mm

Wheel speed: 7500 RPM

Feed rate: 3mm/s

Total cycle time: 200 sec

Machine Details:  Maus, Foundry 2 plus.

Image 2 new

Results are a better life and higher CPC


Case Study 2

Wheel Details:

Dimension: 500-22-41-84 

EPSpec: D1001 EP

Component Details:

Component: Rear axle housing

Material: SG Iron

Application Details:

Application: Fettling of rear axle housing.

Stock: 2-3mm

Wheel speed: 50 m/s

Feed rate: 2 mm/s


Image 3 new

Results: 15% better life and CPC than competition.


Case Study 3


To test the all new Superabrasives Electroplated wheel against conventional abrasive products.

To reduce the overall cost per component.

Component Details:

Material: SG Iron

Spindle power: 7.5 kW

Application Details:

Application: Parting operation. Wheel speed: 1450 RPM, manually plunged.

Image 4 new

Results: Cycle time reduced by 45% & Abrasive cost reduced by 47%


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