Horizontal Mounting

4cd2430e-7d9b-4351-9e86-9cecede07fb7-originalHow to use the "Mount Up" and "Mount Down" Arrows on a Grinding Wheel

Part1: Horizontal Mounting

  1. Lie the mounting hub horizontally on a firm, flat surface. Slide a new blotter over the sleeve of the hub and against the rear shoulder, making sure it lays flat. Next, slide the wheel onto the hub, ensuring the side with the arrow is visible.
  2. Apply the second blotter then install second flange. Make sure the blotter fits freely and that the paper hasn't moved. Use a soft mallet to seat the flange properly, and then insert the flange bolts and tighten them by hand.
  3. Place the hub-wheel assembly onto the machine spindle. Rotate the assembly to position the arrow on the wheel in the direction indicated (up or down). Loosen the flange bolts slightly to allow the wheel to fall into position on the wheel mount. Notice that the top side of the hole firmly sits against the top side of the hub sleeve and that there is a space between the bottom of the hole and the bottom of the hub flange.
  4. Following a star pattern, tighten the flange bolts to the required torque (20 foot-pounds or in accordance with the   machine builder’s recommendations). Finally, tighten the machine spindle nut.