Multi-Air- Dust free Sanding

Norton Multi-Air® - dust free sanding



Norton Multi-Air® Process combines the excellence of a premium Norton Multi-Air abrasive disc with an innovative dust-extraction Multi-Air back-up pad for  improve performance, efficiency and dust-free sanding.


The Norton Multi-Air® Process


1. Adapters to suit Festool and Rupes sanding machines


2. Universal backing pad fixings to suit most popular machine types


3. Choice of hard, medium or soft backing pads


4. Alignment holes allow accurate location to the backing pad


5. Waterbased No-Fil layer resists clogging during use


6. Premium abrasive grains

The Complete Multi-Air® Family


The Multi-Air® range of discs, sheets, accessories and associated machines have been designed to fulfil the extensive applications that are required. With a wide variety of grit sizes, advanced Norton grains and the innovative dust extraction technology, the Multi-Air® family is a unique sanding solution.