Norton Clipper Abrasives

Our re-branding brings more than a change in name – it creates an entirely new product portfolio with the addition of a comprehensive full line of affordable abrasives. Norton Clipper is now a single source supplier for the construction market. Our abrasive products deliver the high-quality and product performance you trust to get you on and off the job quickly.


The new abrasives line includes:
  • Cut-off Wheels
  • Type 27 Grinding Wheels
  • High Speed Cut-off Wheels
  • Flap Discs
  • Fiber Discs
  • Rapid Strip Discs
  • Hand Pads
  • Bench Wheels
  • Cup Wheels
  • Cable Crimped Cup Brushes
  • Cable Crimped Bench Wheels
  • Knotted Wire Wheels

Experience this expanded product offering for yourself

CPD Abrasives

Classic and Charger: Simplified Quality Tiering

The Norton Clipper line of abrasives is available in two tiers so you can select the performance-to-cost balance that is the right fit for your application. Our Good tier of abrasives are available under the Classic sub-brand while our Better tier products are available under Charger. Select our Good tier if you are looking for consistent performance at a lower price and Better if you are seeking high performance for frequent use at an affordable overall cost.

Better Tier Good Tier

For a complete list of the products and sizes available, please download our catalog.