Vertical Mounting

How to use the "Mount Up" and "Mount Down" Arrows on a Grinding Wheel 

Part 2: Vertical Mounting


  1. On a firm but padded surface stand the wheel upright on its periphery and position the arrow downward. Slide a new blotter over the hub’s sleeve and against the rear shoulder. Again, make sure the blotter is lying flat against the sleeve's shoulder. Insert the hub sleeve into the wheel’s hole until the shoulder contacts the side of the wheel. Make sure the sleeve is not cocked inside the hole.
  2. Place a blotter on the second flange and install it, once again making sure it seats properly. If positioned correctly, the hub sleeve sits firmly against the bottom side of the wheel’s hole.
  3. Insert all of the flange bolts and tighten them as stated above. Last but not least, place your wheel mount assembly on the machine spindle, position the arrow on the wheel in the indicated direction, and then tighten your machine spindle nut.