Norton Ceramic Technology

Norton is renowned for its strong background and innovative products in the abrasive finishing market. Norton’s ceramic technology is formed of a unique ceramic structure ensuring a fast and immediate stripping process that will guarantee a time saving solution and ensuring quality for your next development.    

This new ceramic technology significantly improves the results and has a greater impact for your projects. As the ceramic structure is sharper than aluminium oxide, the abrasive doesn’t have to work as hard resulting in more cuts with the same disc and faster consistent cut rates. There is better longevity in these abrasive ceramics (as the grains are fractured rather than rounded edged), the abrasive stays sharp, allowing less disc changes saving you time and money. Using this advanced ceramic technology will therefore reduce labour costs per job through less sanding time and more material removal. Developed to be used in several applications, view the below to see the customised products. 


  • Sharper grain provides faster cutting and removal rate saving time

  • Grain structure lasts up to 3 times longer than Aluminium Oxide*

  • Consistent cut for a better finish due to continuous sharp edges 

*Tests carried out by SGA


The first image shows a aluminium oxide grain. As it wears down it becomes blunt, resulting it to wear out quicker and the cut rates being significantly reduced. 


Whereas with the ceramic grain (second image) as it continually breaks, it leaves a continous sharp edge aiding cut rate and finish while lasting longer than aluminium oxide products. 


Third image shows an extreme close up of the ceramic grains sharpness



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