Our commitment to employees and sustainability


Saint-Gobain Abrasives has a clear sustainability plan aligned with our business values and vision. This 5 point plan of operational policies and practices underpins our commitment to sustainable development as a global leader. We have made significant progress in advancing sustainability with a number of major accomplishments in each area which we have detailed below. 



Pursue an ambitious policy to constantly improve workplace health & safety


In our abrasives plants safety is our number one priority: lost time accidents have reduced five fold in 10 years

All operators individually assessed at least three times per annum through the SMAT program (Senior Management Audit Tool)
- c.35,000 individual SMAT’s conducted worldwide anually

c.80,000 hours of training worldwide on Saint-Gobain Safety Standards anually

Reduction of workplace hardship: exposure to noise, repetitive tasks, safety, ergonomics

Reduction of exposure to chemicals

Annual worldwide EHS day

Continuously encourage the personal development of our employees


Saint-Gobain named as Top Employer consecutively for 8 years running

Special focus on diversity, training and career management

Abra+ gives specific exposure of our young talents to senior management

60+ training courses proposed by Saint-Gobain Abrasives University and Saint-Gobain Training

Systematic employee satisfaction surveys

Be a responsible & sustainable player internationally & within our local communities


Founder member of FEPA and oSa, actively promoting the safety of abrasives

Sustainable development policies audited by VERITAS

Sponsors of local communities through initiatives such as social mobility, heating of local schools

Extensive roll out of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

Internal training & certification based on the following safety standards:

EN12413: 1999 ( BA)     EN13743: 2002 ( CA)     EN13236: 2001 (SA)     EN13236: 2001 (DB)

Saint-Gobain are endorsers of the Caring for Climate statement and the CEO Water Mandate for Water Resource Protection (as part of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals)

Third party supplier charters, timber regulations, CSR evaluations and audits, Adhere process, minerals policy

Saint-Gobain is a member of the United Nations Global Compact

Minimize the environmental footprint of our operations with five priorities


Increase the energy efficiency of our production

Increase the use of recycled raw materials in our plants

Reduce our CO2 emissions

Optimize our water resources

Strict waste segregation policy

Continuously develop eco-valorized
bringing additional value to
our customers



Use of natural resins and recycled grains

High performance abrasive products & solutions that help to reduce environmental impact and user exposure:

• low noise

• low vibration

• low dust