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    Oil & Gas

    Norton offers abrasive innovations, on-site technical support and bespoke solutions for the engineering challenges faced in the oil & gas industry.
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    Wind Turbines

    Norton offers a number of abrasives for applications found in the manufacture and maintenance of aluminium and composite rotor blades, vanes, seals and casings.


Norton abrasive products have always been relied upon in the energy industry to produce excellent results, provide cost savings and output efficiencies. Where a reliable, professional performance is required; Norton products will prove to be the best choice of abrasives.


Traditional Energy Sources

For traditional energy industries such as oil and gas, Norton abrasives have a high quality solution for every stage of the manufacture and repair. The upstream, midstream and downstream components that are integral to shipbuilding and the construction of oil rigs, pipelines, and petrochemical plants, are all serviced by Norton abrasive products.

We have specifically designed a range of grinding wheels and cutting discs for oil & gas related applications. These, alongside precision grinding wheels and belts make up a comprehensive portfolio designed to cut, grind and shape everything from turbine blades and Nozzle Guide Vanes to plungers and pony rods.

Sustainable Energy Sources

Renewable energy generation is on a clear upward trend. When it comes to sustainable energy, Norton abrasives are continually investing, adapting, and improving their portfolio to keep up with this ever evolving market.

We can offer complete solutions for the manufacture and maintenance of land and offshore wind turbines; the largest source of all 'clean' energy. Norton abrasives have a solution for applications spanning OD & ID grinding, to portable cutting and finishing operations for the plethora of gears and bearings, blades, vanes, seals and casings that go into each turbine.


Explore the Power of the Norton Oil & Gas Range

Norton Oil & Gas is a dedicated range of cutting discs, grinding wheels and flap discs for cutting and stock removal applications.

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